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Laura Phillips, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 


I provide individual, family, and couples therapy for people wanting to improve mental, emotional, relational, and/or spiritual health. I treat: anxiety; depression; relational issues; self-esteem issues; abuse/trauma/PTSD; difficulty coping with stress and/or chronic pain/illness; perceived lack of meaning or purpose in life. If you are experiencing low mood, stress/panic, hopelessness, bothersome thoughts and feelings about a traumatic event, feel you are in a relationship with a significant other or family member where negative patterns have taken hold, or you feel you are not living to your full potential, I can help.
I specialize in 1) Mindfulness practices that treat the whole person - mind, body, & spirit 2) Trauma & dissociation where I use Brainspotting, EMDR and other trauma recovery methods. The goal in these approaches is to help a client reconnect to their full self, tapping inner strengths and wisdom that lead to healing, peace, and reawakened purpose.

Laura Phillips, MA, LMFT: TeamMember
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