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Ready to live your best life?

Personalized therapy to help you get there.

Individual Therapy: Our Services

Take a deep breath and know you're not alone.

Life is full of unexpected challenges and trials. And even when situations around you seem to be going well, it’s not uncommon to still feel overwhelmed and anxious. There are many areas of life constantly demanding your attention, and it can feel like a lot to handle. 

You don’t have to stay stuck in the pain of past experiences or the daily grind, feeling like you’re barely staying afloat. You don’t have to live always comparing yourself to others and feeling like you just don’t measure up. And you definitely don’t need to spend one more day of your life not headed in the direction of your dreams.

Individual therapy at The NEST provides you with a chance to collaborate with a licensed mental health professional to create the meaningful change you desire for your life. 

Your therapist will work with you in the areas you want to address. You’re a unique individual and this is your life. Your therapist will personalize treatment to meet your specific needs and desires.

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Common areas addressed in individual therapy

  • Stress, Worry, or Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Communication challenges

  • Healing from trauma

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Work/life balance

  • Anger management

  • Perfectionism

  • Overwhelm

  • Self-esteem and/or body image

  • Processing difficult situations

  • Difficult relationships

  • Loss and grief

  • Handling emotions

If you’re interested in talking about or addressing something that’s not on this list, that’s OK too. Because The NEST tailors therapy to each individual client, we’re able to help you address the concerns and areas that matter the most to you.

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Individual Therapy: About
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The NEST Difference

There are so many things that make you unique including your childhood, past relationships, beliefs, personal experiences, and more. All of these different aspects can come into play as you work on making positive changes in different areas of your life. This is why we believe your therapy should be customized to YOU. 


From traditional psychotherapy to personalized coaching plans, we work with you to create the change you’re looking for in life. 


Our experienced mental health professionals work with you to address your immediate needs to help you start feeling better fast. We even have a Nurse Practitioner on the team to assist with medication management if necessary. But we don’t stop with addressing your immediate needs. Through a holistic and integrated approach, we help you learn strategies you can use to continue feeling better going forward. 


Personalized therapy at The NEST can help you create the life you want for yourself. 

Individual Therapy: About Us

We invite you to take the first step

The NEST provides in-person appointments at our family-friendly clinic located in Stillwater, MN. If you’re unable or uncomfortable with attending in-person therapy in the Twin Cities, you can use our Telehealth services to get therapy from the comfort of your home.

Your first step is scheduling an intake consultation with one of our therapists. You can call the office to speak with our scheduler, Lorna, who will match you up with the right therapist. Or, you can self-schedule your appointment through our online portal. 

You’ll never regret taking the first step towards creating positive change in your life. 

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