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Telehealth therapy makes it easier than ever to get the help you need

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Therapy from the comfort of home.

Life is busy! This can make going to in-person therapy appointments feel like just one more thing to squeeze into your already overbooked day. That’s why The NEST offers Telehealth services to make getting the help you need easier than ever before

Who are Telehealth services right for?

While we love seeing our clients face-to-face in the office, we know that it's not possible for everyone. Telehealth (also known as telemental health) is a great fit for you if you're unable or uncomfortable with attending in-person therapy appointments for any reason. Here are some examples:

  • You're in the high-risk group for Covid-19 or uncomfortable meeting in public with others at this time.

  • You're pregnant and not feeling well so it's hard to leave the house. Or, you've been placed on bedrest and are unable to attend sessions in person.

  • You've recently given birth and getting showered, dressed and out of the house seems like more than you can handle.

  • You don't want to worry about finding a babysitter to stay with the kids so you can come to your appointment (even though our location in Stillwater MN is family-friendly and baby-welcoming).

  • You have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to add in commute time along with time for your session.

  • You're outside of the Stillwater or Twin Cities area and can't physically make it to the office.

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Advantages of Telehealth Therapy

There are plenty of advantages to Telehealth services with The NEST.

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Increased level of comfort

You can attend therapy from the comfort of your own home. You can be in your comfiest clothes and sitting in your favorite chair. Not only can being in your own environment add to your physical comfort it can help you to feel more comfortable to share personal matters.

You also don't have to worry about who you might bump into coming in or out of your appointment. It's just you and your therapist.

Telehealth is convenient

Telehealth appointments take less time out of your day because you don't need to commute to our Stillwater office. You can meet with your therapist after getting the kids on the bus, on your lunchbreak in your office, or once you put dinner in the oven and set the timer.

  • You don’t need to be located in or travel to Stillwater MN or the Twin Cities area for therapy sessions. This is also great during those cold winter months when the snow starts falling and the roads are icy

  • Great for flexibility if you have a busy schedule

  • Easier when you’re recovering from childbirth or not feeling well due to pregnacy symptoms or have been put on bedrest.

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Telehealth provides the same results

Just because your attending appointments from home doesn't mean your results will be different. There are studies that find telehealth produces the same results as in-person therapy sessions and we have found the same with our own clients.

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What to expect during telehealth appointments

  • Telehealth at The Nest is run through SimplePractice, our practice management software, which is secure, private and mobile friendly.

  • About 10 minutes prior to your appointment, you will receive an email appointment reminder with a secure link.

  • You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android).

  • Once your appointment begins, you’ll be working with your therapist the same way you would in the office.

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Ready to get started?

You can schedule your first intake session from our online platform or by calling our office.

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