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Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health

Supporting you in planning, pregnancy, parenthood and beyond

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Reproductive Mental Health: Our Services

Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health

You probably expected things like pregnancy and new parenthood to be exciting and happy times. But there are many challenges that can arise during these life transitions. Since they’re not often discussed, it can leave you feeling alone and unsure of how to process your range of thoughts and emotions. 

It’s not just you. And you are not alone.

Many, if not most, mothers have questions about pregnancy and postpartum related physical changes and fluctuating moods, along with concerns or fears about pregnancy, birth, or postpartum. Others wish to develop ways of caring for themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually during this time.

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Are you wondering if perinatal or reproductive mental health services are right for you?

Here are just a few of the examples of the reproductive and perinatal mental health concerns that we help with at The NEST:

Pregnant Woman


  • Fear that something bad will happen 

  • Anxiety over the childbirth experience or being a new parent

  • Wondering what emotions and feelings are “normal”

  • Concerned over physical changes that you’re experiencing

  • Fear or concern over how to transition from pre-baby to being a parent

  • Struggling to think clearly or make decisions

  • Wanting to prepare for the flood of emotions that you hear come after giving birth.

Infertility or loss

  • Struggling with feelings of grief

  • Dealing with guilt or shame

  • Overwhelm from trying to decide what the next best steps are

  • Adjusting to the idea that your future doesn’t look like you expected

  • Exhausted from the rollercoaster of emotions from fertility treatments

  • Feelings of isolation as your mourn your loss (loss of pregnancy, stillborn, infant loss, or vision of the life you expected)

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  • Wondering if you weren’t cut out to be a parent

  • Struggling with transition to your new life or missing the way things used to be

  • You don’t feel the way you expected to feel

  • The childbirth experience didn’t go how you expected and you have feelings of dissapointment, guilt or shame

  • Experencing scary or wanted thoughts and feelings

  • You just don’t feel like yourself anymore

  • Adjusting to life after adoption


  • Struggling to deal with this transition during an already overwhelming time in life

  • Feeling “off” or not feeling like yourself

  • Anxiety over not knowing what to expect through this not-often-talked about part of life

  • Difficulty accepting this change in life

  • Feelings of grief 

  • Struggling with body image

  • Emotions around change in libido

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Reproductive Mental Health: Our Services

Reproductive & Perinatal Mental Health Solutions

The NEST tailors treatment programs using psychotherapy along with a holistic and integrative approach to meet your unique needs at any stage of pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, loss or menopause.

Created by clinical psychologist, Dr. Harmony Carlson, The NEST grew out of years of traditional psychotherapy with prenatal and postpartum mothers experiencing mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and loss. Our experienced team also specializes in women's issues from adolescence through menopause and beyond.

Reproductive Mental Health: About Us

We invite you take the first step

We understand you may have mixed emotions about reaching out for help. The feelings that you’re experiencing are normal. The NEST is a safe place to share and get help for these personal concerns and challenges that you’re facing. 

To make it as easy as possible for you, we have a baby-welcoming and family-friendly environment located in Stillwater MN. We also provide telehealth therapy through phone or video if you’re unable to attend in-person appointments or are located outside of the Twin Cities area.

Your first step towards addressing your concerns and reconnecting with yourself, is to schedule an appointment. 

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