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Jenna Wieden, PhD, LP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Clinical Psychologist


Jenna (she/hers) is a clinical psychologist who works with adults and teens to address issues related to stress, anxiety, depression, navigating life transitions, relationship dynamics, sex and sexuality, and grief and loss.  She approaches her work with non-judgement and openness in effort to create a safe and secure space for all clients to explore difficult areas of their lives. U sing a blend of both insight and skill building techniques, Jenna strives to create a unique and client-informed therapeutic experience for every client, and she incorporates mindfulness and DBT techniques into her work as a way to strengthen the mind-body connection and to improve overall health and wellness.

Jenna offers specialty services related to sex and sexuality concerns, including sex and intimacy in romantic relationships, pregnancy and sexuality, parenthood and sex, pain during sex, sex and menopause, sexual trauma, and navigating non-monogamy and polyamory.  Using her knowledge gained as a sexuality educator and her experiences as a psychologist, she provides accurate information about sexual functioning while incorporating aspects of pleasure and resiliency into her conversation about sexuality.  She understands these topics can be difficult to talk about and attempts to work together with each client to move at a pace that feels comfortable for them.  She also has a passion for working with LGBQ+ AND TGNC+ clients.  Her affirming and strength-based approach to working with members from these communities helps create a validating and safe space to discuss topics related to identity exploration, mental health, experiences of bias and discrimination, and navigating relationships with family, friends, and romanic partners.  Using an informed consent model, she also provides assessment and documentation for gender-affirming surgeries and treatments for TGNC+ clients.  


Jenna Wieden, PhD, LP: TeamMember
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