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Do I Need to Do Childbirth Classes?

Congratulations, you're having a baby! Does that thought fill you with excitement, fear, and so many different emotions? That's perfectly normal. You're thinking about all the things you need to do to prepare for your little one's arrival which is probably bringing up a lot of questions for you like "Are childbirth education classes really necessary?"

You've likely been trying to take in all the information you can to know what to expect during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. So when you hear people talk about childbirth classes you may be wondering if it's really worth your time. After all, your attention is being pulled in a million different directions as you try to make sure you are ready for the arrival of your baby.

Why should I attend Childbirth Education classes?

There are many ways attending Childbirth classes can help prepare you for having the best birthing experience possible.

Work through fear

Of course, there are many reasons why you would want to attend classes… but folks often come up with one answer, fear.

Many people walk into childbirth with a lot of fear. There is fear of what labor pains will feel like, fear of unexpected outcomes, fear of procedures and interventions, and fear of all the unknowns. It's completely normal to feel this way.

You've likely heard the old cliché that "knowledge is power," right? It's true!

When you arm yourself with POWER, it sure helps to quiet that fear you're feeling. The knowledge you gain from Childbirth Education helps fill in the fear gaps you have by arming you with great insights.

The classes can help if you've been fearfully wondering things like:

  • How do I know if I’m really in labor?

  • What do contractions feel like?

  • What are my options for pain medication?

Get answers to questions you didn't even know you had

We've all experienced that time at the end of a doctor's appointment when they ask you if you have any questions and your mind goes completely blank. You thought you had questions to ask, but you can't think of them at the moment. Or, maybe you don't have questions because you don't even know what questions you should be asking.

Childbirth Education classes remove that obstacle. If this is your first experience preparing to give birth—or if you're planning for a different experience than the last time—it's likely you don't know what questions you should be asking. An experienced childbirth educator will provide you the access to the information that will help you along your journey. They know the information you need to know so you don't have to worry about asking; it's their job to make you aware.

Create a birth plan

Once you know what to expect, you'll be more prepared for creating a birth plan. During your classes, your instructor will share with you different options for birth locations, birthing positions, options for pain management, and what to expect throughout the process. When you are armed with this information, you can begin to envision and work toward what you want your birthing experience to look like.

Why choose Childbirth Education at The NEST Clinic?

You may be wondering what the difference is between The NEST’s childbirth education, and the childbirth course offered at your local hospital.

Typically, hospital-based childbirth education is done in one or two days, over a weekend. While these courses give you the basics of having a baby in the hospital and newborn care, the time constraints don’t allow for connections to form with the instructor or other class participants. You can think of it more like attending a seminar. You show up, get the information, have a little time to ask questions and then you're done.

The Nest's Childbirth Education Series spans six weeks. That means you have time to process the information you receive and then ask any questions the following week that you thought of between the classes.

The group sessions form connections

There is power in groups of people going through similar experiences coming together. When you learn in a group of other expectant parents it really helps the material become more consumable and impactful at the same time.

Someone else in the group may ask a question you didn't think to ask. Or, they may share something that triggers you to think of a question you want to ask yourself.

There is also comfort in knowing there are others in the same situation as you. While every pregnant person isn't in the exact same position, there are commonalities that you'll share together. And there is something reassuring and comforting about hearing others feeling the same thing you do, having the same fears you have, and wondering the same things as you.

Covers giving birth in different locations

If you attend Childbirth classes at the hospital, they're going to educate you on the process of giving birth at that specific hospital. During the Childbirth Education series, I teach at The NEST Clinic, I'm able to provide you with information on all types of birth. This includes both in and out of the hospital, which means if you're planning a homebirth or to go to a birth center, you'll be able to learn the information that applies to your specific situation.

And if you plan on giving birth at the hospital, I'll cover what you need to know as well. You can rest assured that you will feel more confident in your choices and the birthing experience however you want it to look.

Prepare your for parenthood

Our courses also prepare you for parenthood – extensively covering what to expect during your baby’s first few months of life and how to care for both baby and yourself during this critical time.

Childbirth Education Series

The Childbirth Education classes at The NEST is a six-week series that will prepare you to confidently walk into your birth and new parent experience. Together, we'll cover:

  • How to handle pain during labor and delivery

  • What you can do to increase the probability of a safe and healthy birth

  • Birthing positions you can use

  • Medical interventions used during birth

  • Bodyfeeding/Formula Feeding

  • Caring for a newborn

  • Warning signs of postpartum mood disorders


Most people are unaware of the hundreds of choices and options they have when having a baby. Most will just drive to the closest hospital and that will be the only choice they truly make. Childbirth education opens your mind to the countless options and choices you can make about your pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum periods. We’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to know your options and make the best decisions for your ideal experience.

What are my qualifications for teaching childbirth classes?

I am a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator who trained with DONA International and Lamaze, which means I have the textbook knowledge you would want a childbirth educator to have.

In addition to my work as a Doula, I have birthed three of my own children. My first was a planned c-section, my second was a hospital VBAC, and just last year I gave birth to my third child as a homebirth VBAC. My personal experience combined with my training has prepared me for many of the different circumstances, feelings, and questions that arise throughout the process.

I enjoy working to empower families - all types of family scenarios - to make informed choices for their childbirth experience and beyond.

You can learn more about the options for our upcoming 2022 Childbirth Education Series here or email me at or call 651-300-9232.

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